Friday, January 8, 2010

well the times, they have a´changed.

Marisa, Jorge, and Fran came with me and all my luggage to my second host family`s house last night, where they had invited them to have dinner. When we pulled up to the house and got out I felt a bit like I was being abandoned. We went in, me dragging my mammoth suitcase with difficulty, and I met the family. Camila, my host sister who I`m going to Easter Island with, parents Pato and Soledad, brother Diego (couple years older than me, going on exchange to Australia soon), Nanita (Patos mother) and the wife of Rodrigo, who´s my other host brother who I haven´t met who lives in Santiago. They have an absolutely adorable baby boy of 8 months, he is precioso. It made me miss babysitting.
The house is amazing. It is all artsy twists and turns and angles, which is almost spooky because I had a dream last week that I had switched families and my new room was all angly and cool, which is how it actually is! I´m in Diego´s old room (they already kicked him out) which has its own spiral staircase and it´s a funky triangle-ish shape with stained glass and a wall mural and lots of windows and basically awesome. Oh and I have a balcony overlooking the patio and pool, which I swam in today. Right now Camila is setting up my new computer for me and showing me how to put illegally downloaded music on my ipod. Tomorrow we´ll hang out in the house while the padres go to Santiago to buy Chilean presents for Diego to take to Australia. Next week Camila and I will leave for Easter Island, on the 19th I´ll fly back alone, stay the night in Santiago with someone, hopefully Kim, an exchange friend, and then pick my parents and Tessa up at the airport! It´s so weird to think that they are already coming.

Hope everyone is enjoying the snow. Snow! I can barely remember it...

Love to all. COMMENT! Por favor.


  1. Okay, commenting. Snow, ha! There's more of it's flipping cold. I am sooo looking forward to getting a tan. And I've procrastinated from studying physics long enough. See you in a weekish.

  2. This is so much fun to read, Sara. I haven't followed every post, but I'm glad you're relishing every experience. Easter Island sounds way cool!

    Ms. Murakami